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Dens-A-Can Glass Breaker
  • Easy to operate; just plug in, switch on, &  load the hopper. The conveyor automatically feeds the crusher and cullet is discharged.
  • Engineered with a rotating steel drum and breaker plate for its crushing system. This enables it to produce a more uniform cullet size- meeting recycling industry standards.
  • The breaker plate is adjustable to vary the glass cullet size.
  • Capacity is 3-4 tons per hour.
  • Rotating drum against adjustable/replaceable breaker plate produces a uniform cullet.
  • Self cleaning tail pulley.
  • Removable tray to catch glass
  • Top 2.5 feet of conveyor is enclosed and equipped with a Safety Flap.
  • Mounted on steel casters for ease of mobility.
  • Underside of the conveyor is enclosed.