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  59O Cu. Ft. Double High SurgeHopper

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Transportable 340 Cu. Ft. Surge Hopper


Dens-A-Can surge Hoppers help to level out a fluctuating business.  They provide additional storage for peak periods and a more constant flow of material during slower times.

  • Holds a variety of material such as plastic bottles, food and beverage containers, aerosol cans or paint cans, for example.
  • Optional divider can be added to store two items in a single surge system.
  • Material is easily unloaded by opening  standard retractable doors.
  • Designed to fit over all Dens-A-Can Densifiers and other recycling machinery.
  • Available in two sizes: 340 cu. ft. and 590 cu.ft.(340 cu.ft.: transportable or stand alone)
  • Optional casters (340 cu. ft.) and ladders (590 cu.ft.) are available.
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