Dens-A-Can Densifiers

Proven durable and reliable, Dens-A-Can Densifiers & Systems can be designed to suit your specific needs.    All four models are available with or without an optional attached Conveyor/Separator and can be intrgrated with Dens-A-Can Surge Hoppers and Stand Alone Conveyor/Separators.  Dens-A-Can densifiers produce a high density, interlocking, stackable biscuit that meets the aluminum and steel industry requirements.  Maximize your truck load and save money by shipping your aluminum or steel cans at the most weight allowed by truck or railcar.

3000wos.JPG (4600 bytes)1200ws.jpg (8058 bytes)800wos.JPG (14539 bytes)600ws.JPG (9549 bytes)

              DAC 3000  U.S.                       DAC 1200  U.S.                        DAC 800  U.S.                  DAC 600 U.S.

              DAC 3000 Metric                    DAC 1200 Metric                    DAC 800 Metric               DAC 600 Metric

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