26 foot Conveyor/Separator feeding into a 340cu. ft. Surge Hopper over a DAC Densifier

dacsurgs.gif (6879 bytes)

31 ft. Conveyor/ Separator feeding into a 590n cu. ft. Surge Hopper into a DAC 1200 densifier

12consrg.eps (253340 bytes)

Dens-A-Can Surge Systems

Adding a surge system to your densifying process will increase needed storage.   For example, if you are densifying a random mix of aluminum cans with a DAC 600 and a 340 cu.ft. surge system, and assuming that the surge hopper is empty, you will readily have available 1,020 of storage capacity.

In this system a direct charge Dens-A-Can densifier is placed directly under the surge hopper.  The cans are fed into the hopper via a conveyor as shown or a blower or flatener blower.  This provides an economical way of providing storage at peak buying periods or storage of cans off separation lines in a curb side recycling program. 

Many configurations are available because of the DAC Modular Conveyor / Separators and versatile Surge Hoppers

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