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Designers and Manufacturers of Quality Recycling Equipment

278 Donohoe Road, Greensburg, PA 15601

Phone: 724-834-8080, Fax: 724-834-8907, E-mail: densacan@densacan.com

Dens-A-Can International, a trademark of Stanko Products, Inc., pioneered can densification in 1981 with the first densifier, and in 1984 introduced the first Direct Charge densifier.  Many of these first machines are in operation today.  Dens-Can equipment is simple to operate, highly reliable, and easily maintainable.  With safety in mind, all moving parts as well as the conveyor undersides on the densifiers and glass breakers are safety shielded. 

The model DAC 600 is well suited for the processing of aluminum / bi-metal containers and since its introduction in 1984 has proven itself over and over again.  The DAC-800,1200, and 3000 densifies not only aluminum / bi-metal containers, but also densifies steel / tin containers as well. These densifiers were engineered to process tin /steel containers for re-melting by just turning a switch on the control panel.  They have proven themslves from the smaller recycling centers to the larger processors and material recovery facilities.

The DAC-GB1 Glass Breaker has proformed just as well in both small and large recycling facilities. It uses a rotating drum against a breaker plate that provides a uniform cullet.

Dens-A-Can densifiers are fully automatic and adjust  for whole or flat cans automatically.  These densifiers produce highly compressed bundles with densities that are two times that of normal baling.   This will maximize  your trailer or rail car loads.  Along with decreased freight cost, you will receive the premium price of densified aluminum of steel containers.  The bundles produced by Dens-A-Can Densifiers are approved by all leading aluminum producers, detinners and the Steel Can Recycling Institute.  Our densifiers work well with the largest of surge hoppers due to the unique design of our can agitator system.




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